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We help our customers keep their employees physically, mentally and financially healthy

Established in 1873, we are one of the oldest names in healthcare serving over 5,000 public and private sector businesses across the UK. This translates into support for over 1.7million individuals through our health insurance policies, employee benefits and occupational health solutions.

Life can prove a struggle at any point in time, but naturally, there have been a lot more people feeling anxious about the current health crisis. Employers are faced with helping their teams navigate through a whole new set of health concerns; many have experienced problems for the first time and those who were already struggling are finding things even harder.

Early Intervention ensures employees

get help quicker and employers manage

absenteeism better

Our Early Intervention initiative is a game-changing service that tackles employee issues from the first day.

Comprising of four core elements (accessed individually or as a package), it offers employees a host of benefits including First Day Absence, Mental Health Support Services, Musculoskeletal (MSK) Services and Managed Healthcare Services.

For beleaguered HR departments, Early intervention helps them deal with absenteeism more effectively, generates a significant ROI as well as providing valuable data and trend analysis.

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Case Study: Chronic cluster headache syndrome

Through his employer, Robert W was advised to get in touch with our Managed Healthcare Services team to help him access treatment for his debilitating cluster headaches. He describes his case history:

“Cluster headaches are recognised as one of the most painful conditions in humans. It has a nickname as the “suicide” headache, due to its severe and unrelenting attacks of pain.

In recent years I have been treated with occipital nerve blocks at the Royal Stoke University Hospital in order to reduce the quantity, length and potency of the attacks. I was then referred onto Worcester NHS Trust, but unfortunately due to Covid-19, somehow fell out of the system.

I started to suffer terribly with many attacks every day. Unable to function at work or at home, I spoke to my direct Line Manager and our senior OH Physician who then referred me onto BHSF.

I was contacted by phone on that day and they got me back to the Royal Stoke University Hospital in weeks.

Some patients have waited over 45 weeks to be treated again. BHSF managed to shorten this to 9 weeks. I was back at work soon after.”

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