Coronavirus: How we can help

Many businesses and individuals find themselves at different stages of the coronavirus pandemic. However one thing is true of all of us, we need support through a significant period of change.

This has been mentally challenging for many with some mental health hotlines seeing up to a 600% increase in calls while some have faced a physical challenge by not being able to get the treatment they need.

Others they have struggled to cope with 4 million Britons taking on unpaid caring responsibilities during the pandemic and many have felt a fresh financial burden in a now struggling economy.

You will have staff who fall into one or a number of these categories and may well be struggling. BHSF can help them, with expert financial support, GP access, mental health counselling, independent legal advice and carer support amongst the many things we offer – we can ensure your staff are cared for whatever their circumstances.

We can also help with the challenging transition of getting staff back into the workplace and assist you in ensuring your workplace is the safest environment possible with one of our bespoke return to work plans.

Our daily and working lives have changed immeasurably since the outbreak, but BHSF’s services mean you can go about your business with peace of mind.

Contact us to today to find out how we can help or click below for more information on specific services.

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