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Helping save employees money – a great way to show appreciation and add value that goes beyond the workplace. 

Who doesn’t love a discount? Saving money on the weekly food shop, day trips with the kids, the summer holiday or dinner out on date night, could be the added bonus your employees are looking for. With hundreds of discounts available, there’s something for everyone on our online site.

Our website is simple to use, with online discounts split into 10 categories:

  1. Vouchers and retail
  2. Finance, motoring and insurance
  3. Green and ethical
  4. Children, family and toys
  5. Travel
  6. Entertainment, leisure and days out
  7. Groceries, food and drink
  8. Gifts and flowers
  9. Health, wellbeing and pampering
  10. Home, garden and DIY

Plus these employer benefits too:

  • Stimulates employee engagement at a low-cost
  • Can improve satisfaction among a workforce
  • Attractive employee benefit when recruiting for new talent
  • Stores all staff benefits in one place

We can also help employers communicate existing staff benefits with their employees. Our platform can be customised to a business’ own brand – using their logo, images and colours – and employers can add their own unique benefits to the site.

How does it work?

Choose from our standard site or upgrade to a branded site for an additional cost. Once the site has been set up, employees can start using it immediately, via a unique scheme ID. We’ll provide launch materials to promote and engage employees with the site, and they can start saving straight away. For branded sites, we’ll work closely with a business to ensure that the site meets their needs.

Next steps

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Important info you need to know:

  • Cover can start in four weeks
  • In order to access the service, you’ll receive a scheme ID and url unique to your organisation
  • We’ll send PDF marketing materials to the email address provided
  • This service will be contracted for 24 months
  • Management info can be provided on request

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